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The Ministry of Sunday School has four basic functions in the life of the First Baptist Church Family.

*To Provide Biblical Teaching that is age related and speaks to the issues our members face each day. We seek to help our members grow in discipleship and in knowledge of God and His word and assisting members to build a foundation of biblical truth.
*To Minister to the Fellowship needs of families and specific age groups. Gathering together as families or as a class or department helps build a stronger family and local church. Fellowship is our way a meeting the needs of our members who seek close friendships and accountability: Caring for one another during each season of life; tough times and times of rejoicing.
*To Prepare for Worship as a Family or for Corporate Worship.  Your personal involvement in the Sunday School Ministry will help prepare you and your family for worship together and worship within the body of Christ. As you study God’s word together He will draw you nearer and impress upon you and others the joy of being in His presence.  When we experience His presence, and Christ is uplifted, we do indeed worship.
*To Provide an Avenue of Evangelism.  Sunday School is the outreach ministry of the Gospel.  Our task as believers is to faithfully and obediently share the truth of the Gospel of Christ.  Our Sunday School is here to help those who enter to our church how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Missions development begins with each believer at the moment of conversion. We are called to take the Gospel of Christ to our family, our neighbor, and our friend… even those friends and neighbors we have yet to meet.  Missions at First Baptist starts early on with teaching our children what a missionary is and what they do. We are a church that supports thousands of missionaries all over the world through the cooperative program of the Southern Baptist Convention.

As our children learn about missions, we are also sharing with them the “why” of missions… through sharing the truth of God’s Word. Missions involvement is a commitment we have to our Lord and to those in our community, state, nation, and world.  We are committed to developing our membership and encouraging them to completely follow the Lord as He leads them to be personally involved in missions here in the community as well as in lands far away.

Mission Friends - - Missions Friends is our youngest group of learners. Boys and girls who are four, five or six (preschool and kindergarten) enjoy learning about missionaries and getting to know the geographic regions where missionaries serve. This class offers the very basic information about missions and how the church supports missionaries.

Girls in Action - - Girls in Action (G.A.s) are for girls in grades 1-5.  These girls meet each Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. during the school year and study not only missions/missionaries, but are also involved in local missions projects as they learn how to be active in sharing the love of Jesus to all our neighbors.

Royal Ambassadors - - Royal Ambassadors (R.A.s) are for boys in grades 1-5.  R.A.s meet each Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. during the school year.  They are active in local, state, and international missions studies as well as learning about the missionaries who are serving around the world and how they may become Ambassadors for Christ.

Go Team - The Go Team supports individual and group mission trips and projects either financially, prayerfully or by providing team members. If you are interested in partnering with the Go Team, please call the church office and arrange to fill out a "green" sheet.


Foster Care Connection Group meets the Second Friday of the month at 6pm at Emmanuel Baptist Church on East 90. This is a community wide group for individuals and families who foster and/or adopt in or out of the state system. Cost is $10 for families (without child care) and $20 for families (with childcare). Dinner is provided.

For more information: 


The volunteers who serve on the Apple Pie Ministry Team continue to deliver a variety of treats and goodies for numerous first time guests at our worship services. If you have a talent or find joy in preparing desserts and/or meeting new people, then you are qualified! For more information about how to be personally involved, contact Marilyn Stephens (


First Baptist Church of Crestview provides volunteers and resources to FBCH at multiple times throughout the year. The Acteen organization volunteers at the home in Cantonment, Florida and the student ministry has done the same.  On Mother's Day, we take up a church wide offering to support this on going ministry. More information can be obtained by visiting or by calling the church office.


For more than 65 years, CampWorldLight has inspired campers of all ages to find their own purpose in God’s mission. For many that meant accepting Christ as Lord and Savior; for others it is being called as missionaries and mission leaders. Through these years, Camp WorldLight, formerly known as Florida WMU Camp, has maintained a tradition of touching hearts and changing lives.


J.O.Y. Group meets the first Tuesday each month at 10:00 a.m. September through May. Members are encouraged through a brief devotion prior to our guest speakers each month, offering a variety of topics that are sure to intrigue each participant. There are also various overnight or day trips planned during the year as well as a seasonal program featuring local school choruses. JOY Group is an outreach and fellowship ministry for those 55 and over, church members or guests. Families are invited to participate too… for information about the programs or trips that may be of interest simply contact the church office.


There are six purposes of the Women's ministry. 1. To help women feel accepted when they join our church. 2. To affect families as women's lives are drawn closer to Christ.  3. To encourage women to discover, develop and use their spiritual gifts.  4. To minister to today's woman.  5. To open the door to meaningful relationships.  6. To provide both in-reach and outreach ministries.

Women's Night Out is held quarterly, typically on campus. Please contact Marilyn Stephens (850-830-7315) or Ida Faye Powell (850-682-3350) for more information.


Our Men's Ministry is designed to encourage each true follower of Christ to be intentional in spreading the Gospel and building the Kingdom of God. It places and emphasis on making disciples and being discipled in the teachings of Jesus. We attempt to help the needy inside and outside the body of Christ. Our goal is to prayerfully lead our families and spur our leaders on in these pursuits.


The Intercessory Prayer Ministry is a vital part of helping to strengthen the ministries of FBC.  Adults are encouraged to become a part of this team of Prayer Warriors who continue to lift up the church, staff, and the many prayer concerns of the people. Contact the church office for more info on how you can be a part of the prayer ministry.

Grandmoms in Touch is held on Wednesdays at 10am on the first floor of the Education building. They meet to pray for their children, grandchildren, schools, etc. Contact Mary Ann Sullivan (



God has continued to open doors at several nursing and rehab facilities in Crestview and Okaloosa county. Residents and patients who are unable to participate or attend their home church because of limited mobility or circumstance desire the fellowship of other believers. You can be their link to their home church and offer encouragement as you sing or teach or simply spend time with them as they worship or study. The Manor Ministry Team provides an important ministry to those who may otherwise never be able to attend a local church or be exposed to the Gospel. Volunteers are needed to help fill the gap between the local church and the residents/patients of local Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities.
If you would like more information about how you can be personally involved, please contact Larry Ewerds: 850-377-8426


The Samaritan House is a ministry providing assistance to families or individuals needing household items, food, or clothing. The Samaritan house is open the third Monday of every month from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Those needing assistance during closed times should call the church office: 682-2544.


The Crestview Pregnancy Center is located on adjoining property and is a ministry available to all those who enter. If you know of a young woman or family who is in the process of contemplating “what to do next” please refer them to someone who will love them and encourage them with a biblical perspective in honoring the Lord.  The number is 850-682-1011.


The FBC Media Center is open each Sunday and Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. and again at 5:15 p.m.  There are excellent selections available in our reference section, Christian novels, children’s materials, videos, and Bible studies. Each month we are adding new and contemporary selections to assist our members in gaining access to materials that not only challenge us to walk and grow in our faith, but to encourage us to press on. Check it out!


The FBC Acteens meet on Wednesday nights from 5:15 to 6:15. Acteens is for girls coming out of GA's until completion of High School. The Acteens study missions and participate in service projects throughout the year. Contact Margaret Adams at


Church members interested in being on a committee to help maintain the "He is Risen" landscape and shrubs, please contact Carol Weimortz 306-2513.


The church Prison Ministry reaches out to inmates, incarcerated in the Okaloosa County Jail, by providing a weekly in-jail Bible study for the inmates as well as one-on-one spiritual counseling.  Church volunteers conduct the Bible study session each week while selected volunteers and church staff provide the one-on-one spiritual counseling in the jail.  The Prison Ministry volunteers and church staff also provide spiritual support to church families who may have loved ones incarcerated in the county jail.   In addition, Prison Ministry volunteers and church staff may also provide in-jail worship services for special holidays such as Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving.   Volunteers within the church also have the opportunity to grade answer sheets, from inmate independent Bible study, and provide spiritual feedback on those answer sheets to the inmates.  If you would like more information about how you can be personally involved in this community outreach ministry, please let us know. 

Church Office:  850-682-2544


The Next Step Ministry Team is a group of members committed to helping new believers navigate the next steps in their new relationship with Christ. They are also committed to helping new members of FBC in establishing their membership and finding their place in their church family.  Contact Randall 850-682-2544 for more information.